Tom Abbott

Artist Tom Abbott

I am a mostly a self-taught woodworker, starting as a hobbyist while pursuing a career in high-tech product development. I have bachelor and master degrees in Mechanical Engineering and I enjoy applying my engineering knowledge in my woodworking. I retired early and began pouring my energy into woodworking. I designed and built a shaker style blanket chest as a wedding present for my oldest daughter. Friends at the wedding were appreciative and two more were built in short order – thus launching my second “career.” I have built over two hundred pieces of furniture and continue to refine my skills and interests along the way.

My goal is to create both functional and beautiful furniture through the use of exceptional woods, fine craftsmanship and tasteful use of decorative details. Sources for renewable woods are available at local sawmills and throughout the country.

Beauty is inherent in the wood and the fine craftsmanship. The artistic grace of Shaker designs, the rugged appeal of Stickley pieces, the striking beauty of 200 year old federal tables, and the elegance of Greene and Greene all speak of this relationship. Details such as contrasting accents, architectural features, and decorative veneering excel at adding visual interest. Decorative veneering, especially marquetry, offers access to some of the most beautiful woods available only in the form of veneers.

Today, marquetry is experiencing a modest resurrection within the field of craft art and also furniture design. A tremendous volume of technical information is being published and made available to modern hobbyists and professionals alike. Likewise, curricula in modern furniture design schools now feature marquetry as an important additional subject.
     — Tom Abbott

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