Sherrill Stone

Sculptures in Stone

As a child, I was always moved to create. My purpose has been to create beauty.

Spirit governs my work. Pictures of sculpture randomly come to mind from this source.  As my mind’s eye sees a sculpture taking shape, I then begin to conceive how the piece will be carried out. I study the stones that I have for a long time before making a decision as to which stone will work for what I have in mind. As I start my work, spirit again takes over the process and my hands are guided by my higher power, guiding me through the stone until the finished piece emerges.

My work is very sensual or very geometric and stark. I enjoy the many dimensions that I create, from the very abstract to the representational human form. Of all the medium I have worked with, stones gives me the greatest joy. There’s a softness within the hardness of the stone – a gracefulness within the power of the stone.  I thrive on the excitement of this counterpoint in my work.

– Sherrill Stone


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