Rick Stevens

“These pieces are as authentic as I can make them – but with my own touches. Just like the real thing. Generally, several individuals would contribute to a bow and arrow set – some were good arrow makers, some were better bow makers, and some were skilled at making points. Most beadwork was done by the women.”
– Rick Stevens, Member of the Basalt Town Council

Bow Case and Quiver with bow and arrows: The bow is short for use on horseback, accurate to about 25 yards. The bow is made of ash. The arrows are chokecherry shafts with turkey feathers and sinew, the points are obsidian. There are antique beads on the trim and the beadworks is hand sewn on the case and quiver. This piece is typical of the type of bow and arrow sets that were used primarily to hunt buffalo.

Rattlesnake Bow: Content still to come.

War Lances: The lances are made with pine shafts and decorated with leather, some beadwork and goose/turkey feathers. They are not designed to be thrown but rather thrust into an animal or enemy. The steel points are of two kinds – one is hand forged and the sturdy, the other is an old knife blade that would not be used on buffalo but rather on smaller game.

Knives with Sheaths: The green and blue sheath is a “Par fleche” type made of rawhide and leather. The knife is an old broken cavalry saber that had a handled attached to it. The other beaded sheath (purplish) contains a green river trade knife from the 1880’s. Both have antique beads. The paint is “earth paint” or natural pigments that were traditionally used. The antler handle knife with blue and yellow beads has a dagger style hand made blade.

Stone Head Club: This has a beaded handle and wrist strap and would have been used on horseback. The length of the handle determines how it was used. Shorter handles meant closer combat. Horse hair trip and old beads finish it off.

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