Richard Fitzgerald

Wood Turnings Inlaid with Minerals and Natural Elements

Richard Fitzgerald was raised in Mancos, Colorado. As a young man he spent many hours roaming the mountains where he learned to admire the many twisted, gnarled, and burled shapes nature has created in the trees.

Richard worked as a welder while raising his family, but always held a desire to work with wood – a wish which would finally come to fruition in 1991 when he began working in wood full time. Richard’s work is turned from the finest native woods of Southwestern Colorado including aspen, tamarack, box elder, cottonwood, maple and red cedar; he also uses black walnut first brought to these valleys by early settlers over 100 years ago.

He enjoys the figured or rippled appearance that spalted, burled and “worm-hole” woods possess, inlaying natural cracks and blemishes with objects precious in nature such as turquoise and coral, porcupine quill or snakeskin. A finish is then hand-rubbed in to enhance the wood’s natural beauty.

Richard’s stock is selected from dead trees that have been seasoned by nature. He achieves real satisfaction in taking a piece of wood that has been abandoned by life itself and turning it into a beautiful piece of art. Having spent his life in Southwestern Colorado surrounded by Anasazi ruins and culture, Richard Fitzgerald cites the lines of their ancient pottery as a major influence in the art he creates.

Richard Fitzgerald currently resides at Nucla, Colorado, where he and his wife Nola spend many hours in the high country, searching for suitable pieces of wood for use in his art.

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