Raleigh Schein

Artist and Designer Raleigh Schein

“I was inspired to design and make jewelry while traveling to regions across the world where I saw gorgeous, unique and diverse materials that I could use in my own creative ways. I visited cities across the globe, such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Murano, Venice, Rome, Crotona, Milano, Paris, Cape Town as well as many cities in the United States from Coast to Coast. In all of these places, I searched for interesting regionally created beads, stones of that locale, or unique crystals, ribbons, chains or clasps from that place. I sought out and studied the designs of local artisans to understand how they were influenced by their culture and their terrain, and I learned from them.

I took all this richness back to my studio, where I designed and created these handmade pieces, utilizing a mix of materials and designs from regions far and wide. Each piece is individually made, special in its singularity, and mingles the influences from multiple perspectives and artisans from across a world of cultures. The jewelry I’ve created weaves together harmonious designs of outstanding materials that sing the praises of World Influences. I hope you will enjoy wearing my jewelry, knowing they have a unique history of coming into being. They are now ready for you to add your own unique story to their history. Enjoy the experience!”
     —Raleigh Schein

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