Martin Cooney


Deep within the jagged peaks of Colorado’s Elk Mountain Range hides a gleaming white jewel. A gem we call Yule Marble.

The Maiden Collection bowls are all carved from a single block of Yule marble that I split in the autumn of 2011. Each bowl therefore shares similar characteristics. When the block is finally exhausted a new block will yield its own distinctive hue, its markings will reveal a different appearance and will produce my next collection.

Form will differ too as no two blocks of Yule Marble split the same way; each will produce angles and shapes unique to the block it came from. As the quarry slowly works its way through the seam the marble changes accordingly; while the mine excavates on a horizontal plane the seam twists and turns producing blocks aligned along wildly differing angles.

These bowls therefore represent a collaboration between the artist and his material; ‘meeting the stone half way’. By splitting, rather than sawing, the elements within the marble contribute much to the shape of each individual piece, and must take all the credit for collection’s recurring angles, features and themes.

I applied the matt finish for the marble to be enjoyed in all its magnificent glory. Freed from the tyranny of the ubiquitous surface shine the stone is revealed in vivid detail without the distraction of the glint and glare of a polished surface.

There may be other marble bowls cut so thinly that light, even candlelight, passes right through them, other marble bowls that reveal a perfect silhouette on the reverse side when a hand is placed upon them, but if that is the case I have yet to see, read or hear about them. As far as I know The Maiden Collection represents a completely new approach to carving marble, and a testament to the gem we call Yule Marble.

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