Ken Kolb

Artist Ken Kolb

Artist Ken Kolb

“I was first introduced to agatized dinosaur bone in the late 70’s, where there were deposits of it on the property I lived on. I had some of this material cut and was forever captivated.”

“The beautiful agatized structure allowed views deep into the heart of the bone, inspiring images of the ancient creatures from which it might have come. Never having shown much talent as a craftsman or an artisan, I was nevertheless driven to present the majesty of this material for all to see. I immediately began my 35-year quest to highlight and release the beauty within agatized bone. I obtained cutting and polishing equipment and learned how to work with these treasures. As I did, I was inspired to push the limits of my abilities further and further, creating specimen collections, jewelry collections, sphere collections, and finally, my framed art pieces. With my skills finely honed, I am only at the beginning of this journey. It is my pleasure to introduce the world to the beauty, majesty, and wonder of agatized dinosaur bone.”
     —Ken Kolb

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