Joyce Illian – Guardian

Guardian – A Shaman Doll

This piece of beadwork is reminiscent of a Shaman costume I saw in the Ethnography Museum in Russia. It was explained that whenever a Shaman heals someone, the Shaman takes something (often hair or teeth) from the person and ties it onto his/her clothing. This way the person receives ongoing protection from the Shaman. Likewise the Shaman’s power increases because he carries the essence of many people with him. The power in this bead piece grows with the adding on of the many beads. It also has beads attached the carry meaning, such as the evil eye bead from Uzbekistan, tiger eye which purifies and inspires bravery (courage) and is for balancing material and physical needs. Also attached are fossilized palm wood from Burma, an ostrich shell bead, a horn shield, pearls and stars that represent earth elements. The face is a bone button.

Item: ILLI0014

Price: $1050

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