Jerry Wedekind

Aspen Burl Wood Turnings

Alchemy was a primitive science that was practiced in the 16th century. One of the alchemist’s objectives was to take very common substances such as sulfur, lead, etc., and transform them into gold.

Jerry is a modern day Alchemist. He searches for burlwoods that have been forgotten and might otherwise go to waste, and turns them into art. On a trip to California after graduating from Southern Illinois University, his interest in burlwood was sparked when he saw the Redwood Burl tables. Settling in Colorado he noticed the wonderful burls on the trees native to the area. He began turning on a borrowed lathe, and quickly became fascinated with the forms that emerged. Jerry finds that each piece of burlwood is unique. He especially likes working with Aspen, Alligator Juniper, and Maple. Once on the lathe, he feels the wood turns itself.

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