Jeffry Mann

Handcrafted Wood Furniture and Custom Furniture 

“I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1955. I was raised in Aspen, moving there when I was in high school. I have always loved Aspen and the mountains. I left my mark on the community in many ways, partly attributed to the things I built there. Some may be not what you expect, but are still there and used every day. Examples are the brick paved sidewalk across Wagner Park and the Ute City Bank front doors in Aspen.

I pursued many professional endeavors: carpentry, general contracting, architecture, furniture maker, artist, and gallery owner.  Throughout it all, I kept a woodworking shop, which has been my primary focus and building furniture my joy. For years in Aspen, I had the privilege of building commissioned furniture which allowed me to stretch my wings and practice my craft. I have always strived to get to a place where I could live my life building artistic sculptural pieces.   My most recent work is designs of my own desire.

Since 2006 I have lived in Hailey, Idaho, 11 miles from Sun Valley.  My life is still the same: skiing, mountain biking, hiking, enjoying the mountains and building artistic pieces. I have family here, and it is a quiet life.

Design is my foremost thought. After all these years I believe I know what is obtainable in the shop and think within the parameters of what is possible. Recently I have turned to my conceptual design skills.  Each piece leads me to a new direction, or adds a new twist to an existing piece. Often the evolution is unmistakable from piece to piece. Some pieces come quickly, some arrive at different moments.  Some pieces just start, but usually I draw and build cardboard models first. By the time the models are completed, I usually know what each surface will consist of. I try to go with my initial concept of the piece and not vary it during construction of the first one. Those modifications will come later. It is an interesting process in which I think I am just a passenger.”
– Jeffry Mann

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