Donna Buchwald

“I always try my best to make my work as interesting and attractive as possible. I love working with enamels and am constantly spreading the word and look of the enameling arts every chance I get. Although my favorite subject is the female human face, I am open to experimentation at all times in the hope of producing an enamel that will give pleasure someone else. My greatest joy is introducing the world of enamel art to a newcomer. It is very satisfying to have people discover the beauty of enameling and a thrill to have them try their hand at producing their own work of art. The vibrant colors, fine lines, textures and seemingly limitless techniques, promote an ongoing challenge toward producing new and original designs. Many times I have been surprised by the results of new methods and encouraged to experiment on my own to produce a new and exciting work of art.”

“I have been enameling for over 30 years. My enamels have been accepted in national as well as international exhibits. I am currently teaching private students and I also teach a class at John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina. Most of my work is done in the cloisonné technique however I enjoy other forms of enameling as well.”

“I have been active in Enamel Guild South, our local enameling group, serving in all capacities including President. I have been a member of the Enamelist Society that has about 750 members from all over the world and have served as a Board Member and Treasurer of that organization.”
     – Donna Buchwald

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