Booker Morey

Leaf Lines Shadowboxes

Artist Booker Morey etches and colorizes real leaves creating a beautiful craft that celebrates one of nature’s most beautiful seasons, Fall.

The fragile beauty and intricate structure of real, natural leaves has been beautifully revealed by craftsman Booker Morey and his Leaf Lines shadow boxes. The unique process first exposes the fine vein structure in the leaves, then, each leaf is hand dyed in autumn colors and arranged in a frame chosen for its quiet elegance and for its enhancement of the leaf’s complex natural pattern.

“I was looking for a way to differentiate my work from others when I saw some work by the British artist Andy Goldsworthy. He had stitched together a canvas or flag of real leaves and in the center had drawn a circle. Every leaf and part of the leaf inside the circle had been skeletonized and I was struck by the beautiful patterns the leaf veins made. ” After a few failed attempts to perfect the process, Booker eventually succeeded in a reliable procedure to skeletonize leaves. “I am grateful that people find the leaves attractive, as I do, since it allows me to pursue the craft as a full-time effort.”

Morey is able to preserve the fine vein detail in these native American leaves. Only very specific leaves respond to the treatment. Each leaf is hand selected for its shape. They are then etched, colored, dried, mounted on a twig in an arrangement, and framed in wooden shadowboxes. “Autumn is one of nature’s most spectacular displays. I feel that I capture the fleeting miracle and the inner beauty of the leaves.” Other than the color, the leaves have no other preservative – it is not necessary to ensure a long life. The first Leaf Line products were done more than 17 years ago and have not become brittle in all that time. The shadow-boxed leaves are flexible and will maintain their beauty for many years to come.

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