Rose Hamerlinck

Beaded Frillery – Hand-beaded One-of-a-Kind Vases

Frillery (fril-er-ee’) n. An unnecessary ornament; superfluous thing added for show.

“I wish I had an artist statement that used words like ‘organic,’ or that my work ‘carries multiple meanings,’ or that it ‘embodies healing.’ In fact, I bead because it makes me feel good to create pretty, however unnecessary, ornaments.

I am very random in my designs; I may decide, or not, whether the ornament will be a necklace, bracelet, or a vase. There will be a color idea, or a theme, and then I let the beads tell me which way to go. I am done when the beads say so.

I have studied with the best: Diane Fitzgerald, David Chatt, and Joyce Scott. Not only have I learned technique from them, but paradoxically they reinforced my philosophy that there are no rules when it comes to beadwork- once you learn the rules, you are ready to learn to break them.

I am now learning myself, the hardest lesson, to teach those who want to learn ‘how to bead’.”
- Rose Hamerlinck

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